victoria yoga conference

The 6th Annual Victoria Yoga Conference will be held February 9 to 11, 2018.
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A weekend of inspiration, motivation and deep learning about the practice of yoga.

Thank you Victoria Yoga Conference for creating such a fun and inspiring weekend of yoga, and more. Thank you to each of the bright souls I was blessed to share moments with, in conversation, in practice, with a passing smile.

– 2015 VYC Attendee –

Featured posts

Are You Really Doing Yoga?

My first foray into yoga was unintentional. I had a dance injury but still wanted to move my body while I recovered. I quickly became more interested in the connection between one’s mind and yoga, even more so than the physical aspect of the practice. I recognized at...

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What is Yang Family Tai Chi?

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has included movement and mindfulness for maintaining optimal health and achieving high levels of vitality. These interventions, collectively called Qigong, combine dance-like or animal-inspired movements plus...

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Celebrating Community

This past Winter Solstice I taught a special yoga class at MOGA, one of the yoga studios I teach at in Kelowna, BC. The class was an all women’s Hatha Flow Yoga class with aromatherapy - we used Frankincense essential oil which is great for focus and meditation....

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Yoga is connection.

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