victoria yoga conference

The 6th Annual Victoria Yoga Conference will be held February 9 to 11, 2018.
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A weekend of inspiration, motivation and deep learning about the practice of yoga.

Thank you Victoria Yoga Conference for creating such a fun and inspiring weekend of yoga, and more. Thank you to each of the bright souls I was blessed to share moments with, in conversation, in practice, with a passing smile.

– 2015 VYC Attendee –

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Goal Setting and Exercise

Cory Sterling is a corporate lawyer and the founder of Yoga Law and Conscious Counsel, practicing law in Vancouver, BC. His unique approach to serving and educating clients is unprecedented in the legal world. Cory has been enjoying yoga since 2012 and attributes his...

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5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils

    Ritual, self care, and rest are all vital components to any body’s ability to transform. Plant Based Oils can help optimize your overall sense of wellbeing through topical (diluted & absorbed through your skin), aromatic (triggers memory &...

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How your Perception is Creating your Life

Every moment that we live our body is assessing our environment (internal & external) and adjusting our bio-chemistry to create different physical reactions. These can be the fight or flight type of reactions, or subtle emotional cues that leave us feeling...

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